Our Story

From Local Farms – Tangle Ridge Ranch from Kevin Kossowan on Vimeo.

Our adventure on Tangle Ridge Ranch started the week of May 26, 2007. In that one week, we were married, moved onto the ranch and started to convert the crop field back to grass.

Leading up to that exciting week, we had met while we were both studying Animal Science at the University of Alberta. Shayne has a degree in Agriculture with a focus on nutrition, while Vicky also has a degree in Agriculture but with a focus on pasture management.

Our goal was to create a sustainable farm that would provide a healthy living and lifestyle for our future family. All we started off with was a blank quarter of land and our vision. We decided to raise sheep, as they were a good fit for our small land base, easy to manage and we could see excellent marketing opportunities in the sheep industry.

Our goal today remains the same. We are continually striving to produce and market high quality products that in return, will provide us with a sustainable living for our family. As we grow and learn, we hope to be able to share our experience and education with rural and urban neighbors.

By purchasing any of our lamb products, you are helping support a local family farm. For that, we sincerely thank you.

Shayne and Vicky Horn