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There is something special to be said about eating seasonally. The best foods take time, and are harvested at the right season. While we take orders year round, our pasture finished lamb is available mid-November. All of our lamb is provincially inspected, to ensure high level of consumer safety. Individual cuts are vacuum packed, so that you can clearly see the quality of the meat you are purchasing. Please note that our lamb price is based on carcass weight. Carcass weight is the weight of the animal before it is cut into roasts, chops, etc. The take home weight is approx 65-70% of the carcass weight. We have a range of lamb sizes to suit different family sizes. Please let us know when you are ordering if you would like a small, medium or large lamb size. Our standard cut includes: 2  Bone in leg roasts 2  Racks 4  Shanks (2 shanks/pkg) 2  Sirloin steaks 2  Rib slabs Approx 15-18 Loin chops (4 chops/pkg) 4-5 packages of ground lamb (1lb/pkg) Your choice of cutting on the shoulder into A: Boneless Roasts B: Chops & Stew or C: Extra ground Neck bones & Organ meat also available at no extra charge To place an order, please use our online form below, or feel free to contact us.

Whole Lamb – Cut & Wrapped SOLD OUT

***2017 LAMB NOW SOLD OUT****

Lamb is sold based on carcass weight. The average carcass weight is 35-50 lbs. Price is $8.50/lb and includes cutting and wrapping.

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Price: $8.50

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