Our Flock

Our sheep are just as unique as the rest of our mixed ranch. We raise 2 different breeds, Katahdins and Dorpers. Both of these breeds are known as “hair sheep”. This means that instead of producing a wool coat that needs to be sheared once a year, they grow a mixed wool & hair coat that sheds naturally in the spring.

Dorper lambs grazing

With all of their energy going into growing meat, instead of producing wool, we are able to finish our lambs on the pasture without supplementing with grain.Grass finished meat has been shown to be higher in Vitamin E, beta-carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), all which provide a health benefit to the consumer.

Hair sheep produce a mild tasting meat. The strong flavour sometimes associated with lamb comes from the lanolin oil found in the wool. As our hair sheep do not produce a true wool coat, there is much less lanolin oil, resulting in a meat with a much milder flavour.

The lush, green blades of grass found plentiful in late spring marks the start of our lambing season. All of our ewes lamb right out on pasture. This fresh grass provides a high plane of nutrition for our new moms and the mild weather conditions give our newborns the best start to life.

Shayne, Mojito and our flock

Growth hormones are not used in lamb production. However, reproductive hormones are often used to have ewes lamb all at the same time or out of season. By matching our lambing season to nature, we are able to have our ewes bred without the use of hormones.

Our lambs stay with their moms until the end of August. At that time, our lambs are moved to their own green pastures for finishing. The ewes go back out to continue their grazing rotation.

August 2009 012

To protect our sheep from predators, we use a guardian dog. Our sheepdog, Mojito, spends his entire lifeout in the pasture with the sheep. He is content to watch them closely and takes pride in his job as a protector. There are also 2 dairy cows that live with our flock. The cows, Tucker & Nina, have also closely bonded to the sheep and help Mojito protect the lambs from any predators.